Studio Decor Redo

February 12, 2021
February 12, 2021 Angela

Studio Decor Redo

I have to say that I’m not usually too interested in decor. While I definitely think it’s important, I don’t put a lot of thought into it and often it will just fall together into something that appeals to me. I believe my style might be called eclectic. Or eccentric. Or just plain eck, to some.


I moved in September of 2020, smack in the middle of the pandemic and again, didn’t put too much thought into the bedecking of my new apartment. It was easy to just use the wall hangings, artwork and framed photos I already had, to do what I’d already done at the previous place.

"I believe my style might be called eclectic. Or eccentric. Or just plain eck, to some."

But I didn’t have room for a studio before so my new one didn’t get much love. Until a friend saw it and shamed me into a decorating redo. You can see why here.

And you know… There’s something to be said for the power of interior design.

Every time I walk into the studio now, the decor makes me smile. It’s got lots of my favourite photos that I’ve taken, things that I’ve gathered and colours that I love. It makes the artist in me do a little jig and inspires my work on a daily basis.

And now because of that I expect that the adornment process will be ever-changing and never-ending.

In fact, just since these photos were taken, the decorating has already transformed and will continue to do so. To morph as my moods change, to grow as I gather more goodies and to sow as I continue to sing and dance to the song of the artist. I’m loving it!


The nature of the beast dictates all these plastic towers until I find a bigger studio and cooler furniture. So maybe some day, maybe never… They work for now.

Thanks for looking. If the decor was too eck for you, oh well. And if there was any inspiration in these photos for you, you’re welcome!