Silvery River wall hanging

This hand embroidered wall art shows a soothing silvery evening where three trees quietly stand witness as the moonlit-dappled river flows by. This one-of-a-kind textile art piece adds a serene tranquility to any room you hang it in.

This piece was inspired by a happy accident. A wisp of sari silk ribbon wafted down onto a round lame piece and suddenly I saw the direction this luminous landscape wanted to take.

I composed this tableau using hand embroidery and appliqué techniques on sumptuous materials of rich vintage velvets and sari silks with a little lame thrown in for the shimmer.

Size: 6.75” high by 8.75” wide (including river) or 17 cm by 22 cmIt is mounted on 140 pound watercolor 9″x13″ paper ready for framing.

Price is reduced to $60 + postage. Email me for PayPal invoice.

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