My little textile art haven

January 15, 2021
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January 15, 2021 Angela

My little textile art haven

So, the photo above is not my room. Not even close.

But my new art room is the first place I’ve had where all the textile art media is in one room.

This can be good or it can be bad… Depending on the degree of creative whirlwind that’s going on the time. And the really nice thing is that if it gets really crazy, I can just shut the door. Voila – no mess!

I usually like to live in places with more character. I was raised in a home that was a new build and all boring square rooms… But sometimes one has no control over their style of living space. Especially if one has to move in the middle of a pandemic. Like me.

My last place was a funky cool style but also was dark and chopped up into many small rooms. Stuff was spread out everywhere depending on the phase of the project. I worked in the living room room to do layout and cutting, the sun room for more light for color matching and the bedroom for comfort for long-haul stitching. Arrgh.

So, after my landlord sold the house I lived in and I moved Sept 2020, I now do most everything here in this room… Except for what I call long-haul stitching – that’s where I’m sitting for long periods of time doing hand embroidery. Then I want to be on my comfy couch in the living room. Otherwise, this room works quite well.

The room has space for all the accoutrements of multimedia art needs:

Ironing board (with two irons, no less)

Storage towers for fabric and trims,

A shelf for stuff and a big layout table with sewing machine (for when I finally teach myself machine embroidery)

and a cutting board atop my old kitchen island.

What more does an artist need? I think I’m a pretty lucky woman.