Angela Mahler Creates goes International! (sorta, kinda)

January 28, 2021 Angela

Angela Mahler Creates goes International! (sorta, kinda)

How exciting! I am thrilled!!

To make art I love is one thing but to have another person enjoy it as well is very cool indeed. I think that very thought every time someone mentions, likes or buys my textile art. It’s really a dream come true.

Now someone has paid me the wonderful compliment of not only buying it but also placing it on her website and spreading the word to her people. It just makes my head explode with joy!

Marjory Warren Boutique in New York, NY saw my wearable art necklaces on Instagram, contacted me, and then bought one. And now she’s doing an artisan page about me.

You can see and buy the necklace here.

So, it might be pushing it a bit (ok, a lot), but I’ve now gone international.

And did I say I’m thrilled!!!