About me

We are all artists!

Hey there!

Like the title says, I believe we are all artists in our own unique way. Just the very act of living is a creative process. Experiences that tickle our senses, soothe our minds and warm our hearts help us move through the journey of life in profound joy.

Making music, writing, dancing, painting, jewelry making or inventing new forms of art have always filled me with life. And texture, color and good design in any form have always filled me with joy!

Since 2000, I had been obsessed with handmade jewelry and around 2010, I realized an intense interest in fabric and thread – especially that used for the sacred. I am in awe of the seeds of creativity and spirituality being passed from hand to hand and from heart to heart.

I am self taught and work with multi media including semi precious gemstones, metal wires and chains, vintage buttons, czech glass, very old bronze pieces, recycled sari ribbon scraps, old french linens and laces, upon which I embroider and paint.

You can follow along in my blog to see what crazy stuff I’ll get up to next!


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I’m proud to pass the joy along!