About me

We are all artists!

Hey there!

Like the title says, I believe we are all artists in our own unique way. Just the very act of living is a creative process. Experiences that tickle our senses, soothe our minds and warm our hearts help us move through the journey of life in profound joy.

I am a self-taught mixed media artist living in southeast Ontario in Canada. Making music, writing, dancing, painting, jewelry making, embroidering or inventing new forms of art have always filled me with life. And texture, color and good design in any form have always filled me with joy!

As a child, I designed clothing and houses. It’s no surprise then that I wanted to be an architect when I grew up. Instead I taught myself graphic design as a managing editor and marketing manager.

In the 90’s I painted representational acrylic art and in 2000, I became obsessed with handmade jewelry. Around 2010, I realized an intense interest in fabric and thread. And now I’m back to painting but abstract this time. I’m also doing collage or assemblage and looking for a way to include my photography. That will probably mean digital but I’m not quite there yet…

I am passionate about working and experimenting with all materials, and I’m proud to share the joy of creating with you!